Aya Pog

Creative Direction

Learning, Understanding, and Building a Vision

Hi, I'm Aya...

I am interested in the relationship between people and technology, and how our society is influenced by it. I have worked in various creative roles for 13 years and my favorite part is leading the design of human-centered products. I specialize in developing the story of how company brands are being perceived, evaluating the user experience, and collaborating with engineers and creatives to find beautiful solutions.


Creative Management
UX Workshops
Art Direction
Product Management

Working in UX requires you to not only LOVE people, but to be endlessly curious about why they do the things they do.

 — Rosie Allabarton

My role in emerging tech...

I thrive in environments where I can mentor individuals and learn how people choose to interact with technology. I enjoy motivating designers to be at their best, but I also love diving into the details. I believe it is important to reflect and redesign our circumstances and surroundings. I’m looking for organizations that are forward thinking and embrace change as a positive element. 

What is creativity?

Creativity is elegant and innovative problem solving – which everyone is capable of. I have found that a lot of people mistake art for creativity. Art is an abstract word, what we call art now used to be a simple form of communication, storytelling, self-reflection, propaganda, and even a form of intimidation for power. I want to move away from art and focus on what creativity brings to an organization and how to use it effectively.