Aya Pog

"The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to."

-Kobe Bryant

Hi, I'm Aya.

My mission is to bring that human touch into digital environments. I use my expert understanding of human centered design to reduce fear and distrust of emerging tech and AI. As a creative lead and manager, I work together with engineers, UX researchers, data analysts, and visual designers to define problems in artificial intelligence, ed-tech, and social robotics.

What is my goal?

My goal is to influence the way humans relate to emerging technology. I bring talented and passionate people together and invent innovative methods of interactions. Another goal of mine is more related to mentoring, I’m always helping younger creatives build confidence and improve their work.

Finding order in Chaos

I work with engineering, design, and ethics teams in order to inspire more conscious decision-making constantly turning back to the needs of target users.

Pieces of the Process

Learn the product
Locate key problems
Set goals & understand KPIs
Recruit necessary team
Prioritize and test
A/B testing, User Interviews, Focus Groups
Lo -> Hi-Fi Prototyping
Backend & Frontend Dev
Retrospective Meeting

I'm here to provide that harsh "judgemental" perspective.

Digital products shouldn't make people run away from life, get anxiety, become paranoid or go into isolation - it should do the opposite. I want to work with companies that strive to create useful products or services that help younger generations. Young people should be fully aware of how the web works, how it influences, rather than be obliviously manipulated by it.