Aya Pog


Hi I'm Aya! I am co-founder of Swurl, a collective of freelancers who are focused on helping small startups kickstart their brand identity and digital platforms.

We initially focus on the brand personality of our clients and perform an audit to see if it matches the mission and has an overall consistency. Then our goal is to understand and learn more in depth who the target users are and what their needs are, the next challenge is defining the experience or in some cases, re-defining it based on this knowledge… This is where the storytelling comes in. I pride myself in being a natural empath, and surrounding myself with professionals who care as much as I do about quality.

Team Efforts

Learn the product or service
Set goals & understand KPIs
Recruit necessary team
Brand Identity Workshops Prioritize and test
A/B testing, User Interviews, Focus Groups
Lo -> Hi-Fi Prototyping
Backend & Frontend Dev
Retrospective Meetings

Within the collaborative we have engineers, project managers, designers, researchers, and ethics teams. We believe in user centered decision-making, constantly turning back to the needs of target users.

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to.”




Discovery & Research
User Experience
Brand Strategy & Architecture,
Content Strategy
Marketing Campaigns

Design and Print

Branding & Design
Brand Development & Rebranding
Logo & ID Systems
Brand Style Guides
Collateral, Print
Social Media Management & Design
Presentation Design

Back/Front Development

Digital Development
Website Design & Development
Information Architecture
Custom Content Management Systems
iOS Applications
Web Applications
Android Applications

Our Projects

We usually start with an incredibly ambitious idea or in this case an actual sketch from our stakeholders and a big part of what I do is try to narrow the project down to the most important components and determine the needs of the client. 

From Rhode Island, to New york, to paris, to Los Angeles

In 2010 I graduated from RISD in Providence, RI, during that time I immersed myself in the music scene and took many videos and photographs of friends and events around the small city. I’m not so much involved in Los Angeles, but through all this moving around and traveling I have grown a digital community of artists, musicians, and writers who I love and trust and hope to bring into creative projects.

We like to focus on what makes you unique and original.