Aya Pog

Hanson Robotics

Art Director & Product Owner

Design an MVP version of the stakeholder’s vision of a gamified robot controller application. The application would be purchased with the robot and used mainly for controlling the robot, but also programming it in Blockly. Our biggest challenge was simplifying the UI while maintaining the functionalities that the stakeholders requested.

UX/UI and Product Owner – Aya
Brand Designer – Emanuele Ricci
UX/UI Lead – Anna Scandella
3D Motion Design – Edgeworx Studios

Slack, Invision, Sketch, Zeplin, Illustrator, Notion

Stakeholder Conversations

The first goal was to understand what exactly needed to be designed and what was the overall vision for the look and feel. We requested that selected members of the company worked on user personas in order for us to truly understand the audience we were designing for.

Design Style

The next part was conducting UX research through user interviews and competitive analysis and determining which style fit the demographic and vision of the project.

Information Architecture

While we were exploring style, we were simultaneously putting together a map for the entire application. The goal here was to determine the minimum viable product. 

Design Direction

Working with Emanuele, we were able to adapt the brand guide – which Emanuele worked on with me previously, into an extended UI kit. For me this part of the process involved communicating with the engineers in order to understand delivery needs, running sprint meetings with the design team, providing feedback, and making minor adjustments to the UI. 

Wireframing & Prototyping

This was probably the most exciting part of the project because we got a chance to get feedback from kids and try different layouts. I worked closely with Anna, our UX specialist, who built out the low-fi wireframes in order to determine which kind of navigation would work best for the needs of our target users. After days of iteration I presented our flows to the stakeholders for input.

Design Hand-Off

The final and most time consuming part of the project was preparing all the files for handoff and creating comp sheets that would optimize for faster development.