Aya Pog

Being Sophia Pilot Brand

Art Direction & Creative Management

Create a brand solution for a Pilot Show about Sophia the Robot. A solution that humanizes her experience and allows the viewer to empathize with the robot. My role here was to lead the ideation process from discovery to final product. 

Fellini, Sci-Fi, Femme Fatale, Film Noir, Dadaism, Audrey Hepburn

Brand Design: Emanuele Ricci
Art Direction: Myself

Emanuele Ricci | Brand Designer

Emanuele Ricci is a multidisciplinary designer based in London – UK, specializing in brand strategy and identity design. Over the years, he’s been helping clients like The Futur , Snapchat, Hanson Robotics , Rapha, The American Meme, Tefal along with many other businesses and startups. At the beginning of his career, his passion for creativity led him to High School of Art in Italy, where he developed a huge interest in advertising and visual communication. After graduating in Graphic Design at Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia (Italy), Emanuele expanded his expertise by taking various private courses in typography, user interface design and business in Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, and Milan.